Getting a Green Card

It’s time to fix your status. Learn how below.

Getting a Green Card

It’s time to fix your status. Learn how below.

Can I apply for a green card?

Our law firm is here to help figure out if you can get your green card, or as some call it, “fix” your status. It’s sometimes a difficult task that requires a lot of information, which we obtain through our rigorous consultation process.


There are several ways of getting a green card. Most people get it through a family member, like a spouse, parent, son, or daughter. Others get one based on their past experiences, like being a victim of abuse by a citizen or resident spouse, or by being the victim of a crime. Finally, some qualify for a green card based on being asylees or refugees, people with a well-founded fear of persecution in their home countries.


The first step is to determine which path is best for you. Get a consultation to find out if you’re eligible for a green card.

What do I need to get a green card?

The path to getting a green card can long and expensive.  So the first thing to do is to make sure that you actually qualify for a green card.  We can help you there. Our consultations are rigorous.

What is the process of getting a green card?

Family Based Green Cards

Adjustment of Status

Consular Processing


Removal of Conditions on a Green Card


U Visas

T Visas

Why Trust Us

We value honesty and excellence above all else.

From your very first consultation with us, you’ll see that we take the time to exhaustively learn all potentially relevant facts about your case — things that many will never bother to ask about.   We will carefully explain all of your options, and based on thousands of cases we’ve handled, we’ll explain any obstacles with honesty and integrity.  When we offer our services, we will make sure you understand all of the risks and benefits. For us, honesty is paramount; getting hired is not.


When we provide services, we strive for perfection in an area of the law full of costly risks and delays.  Throughout your case, our attorneys, paralegals, and staff keep our clients well-informed of the progress on your case.


And when we encounter obstacles in our path, we don’t give up.  Our policy is to leave no stone unturned in the quest to either fix your status or stop a deportation.