ICE Field Office on 8101 N. Stemmons

The Dallas ICE Field Office is where immigration detainees are first processed.

ICE Field Office on 8101 N. Stemmons

The Dallas ICE Field Office is where immigration detainees are first processed.

What happens here?

When an immigrant has been arrested in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or in other parts North and Central Texas, his or first stop is likely to be the Dallas Field Office located on 8101 N. Stemmons, Dallas, Texas.  This is the main office for ICE deportation officers. When the immigrant arrives, he or she will be “processed” by one or more officials. ICE officers will decide whether or not to place the person in removal proceedings and whether to allow the person’s release on an immigration bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have a family member here?

The most important steps are to contact an immigration attorney quickly and gather all relevant information.  Relevant facts include the person’s entire immigration history. The immigration attorney will need to know about all entries and departures from the United States, and all forms of legal status the person has held now and before.


An immigration attorney will also need to know the person’s criminal history.  The person’s record of arrests and convictions will be highly relevant to the strategy for getting him or her released.

What can we do to help this person be released from the ICE Field Office?

Whether the individual can be released will depend heavily on the specific facts of his case.  Some immigrants are likely to receive an immigration bond from an ICE officer, in which case you’ll simply need to post the bond.  Others will not immediately receive a bond, in which case you’ll need to work with an immigration attorney to assist with requesting a bond hearing. Finally, some non-citizens are not entitled to an immigration bond as a matter of law.  In other words, the law may prohibit some person from being released on an immigration bond, usually because of his or her criminal history. Even if the individual is not allowed release on a bond, the person still has an opportunity to fight deportation.


In some cases it’s wise to hire an immigration attorney to intervene directly with ICE officials at 8101 N. Stemmons.  Other times it’s futile, and one should wait to see an immigration judge. Our law firm can help advise on whether or not to pursue direct intervention with ICE officials or go straight to an immigration judge.

Can I see a person detained at the ICE Field Office?

Unfortunately, no.  Family visitation is not allowed at the ICE Field Office.  (Neither is attorney visitation.) However, your family member is allowed to make phone calls to family and lawyers.  


It’s important to know that detainees are not housed at 8101 N. Stemmons overnight.  If the processing takes longer than a day, and if the person is not moved to an immigration detention facility, he or she will typically spend the night at the Bedford or Euless jail.  


This is important because you will have a chance to see your family member at either one of these jails in the evening.  To know when he or she has arrived in Euless or Bedford, you will simply have to call both city jails to check.