Deportation and Removal

You may have reached this page because you or a family member — living in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area — is facing the possibility of deportation from the United States. The Vinesh Patel Law Firm PLLC is devoted to taking care of Dallas immigrants who find themselves in this very scary situation.

The first steps to dealing with a possible deportation of a loved one are understanding the removal/deportation process (especially how things work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area), and then finding a deportation attorney in Dallas who will aggressively fight your case.

Dallas Deportation

Will my loved one be deported?

You may have recently discovered that your loved one is in Dallas ICE’s custody, or has been placed in removal proceedings before the Dallas Immigration Court.

Naturally, you are wondering if something can be done to stop his deportation — especially if your relative entered the country without paper.

Dallas deportation attorney Vinesh Patel’s first piece of advice is to not jump to conclusions.

Even when a non-citizen has entered the United States without inspection, there are still many forms of relief from deportation which may be available to that person.  Even if no relief is available to him, he may have been arrested in an illegal manner — which may result in the ability to stop his deportation.

What can an deportation attorney in Dallas do for you?

To give you a sense of the options that are out there, see the chart below for various types of relief from deportation.  A good deportation attorney will consider all the options.

Types of Relief from Deportation

But my relative is in immigration detention!

Your friend or relative may have been picked up by ICE.  This does not mean that he or she will be automatically deported.  But it does mean that the case will be more complicated, and you may have to get an immigration bond.  If person is detained by Dallas ICE, you should start by finding an attorney who practices deportation defense in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  (Our Firm is always happy to assist non-citizens currently in ICE detention.)

Next, you need to identify where the person is located.  There are several private and county jails in Texas that serve as temporary holding areas for people who will eventually be sent to ICE detention.  In the Dallas area, there are two primary holding area — Lew Sterrett Jail and Euless County Jail.  In addition, Dallas County Jail inmates are often convicted of crimes that make them deportable, which means that inmates there will eventually end up in immigration detention.  If you know that your relative was “picked up by ICE” — but you are not sure where he or she is located — feel free to use The Vinesh Patel Law Firm’s information pages on ICE detention centers in Texas.

Picked up by Dallas ICE

If you find your relative, and he is in fact in ICE detention, tell him not to lose hope.  Consulting with an experienced deportation attorney will increase his chance of preventing his own deportation.  In addition, advise him not to make statements to ICE deportation officers until he has had a chance to speak with an attorney.  If he does talk to an ICE officer, he may end up making things worse for himself.

The Vinesh Patel Law Firm can help

Our Firm is happy to assist with deportation and removal cases of immigrants living in Dallas, Texas, and all across Texas.  Call us at 855-278-2943, or visit our office at 2730 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 1103, Dallas, Texas 75207.


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