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Help! My friend or relative was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

This page has information for those whose friends or relatives have been placed in immigration detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  ICE is one of the country’s least transparent government agencies.  That’s why it’s critical to use your resources to gather as much information as possible on where your loved one is located and how to contact him or her.

For the best source of information on immigration detention facilities, visit the Immigration Detention Justice Center.

Below you’ll find links to pages on specific detention centers in Texas.   Each link contains a map, contact information, facility policies, and basic legal information.  You’ll also find helpful basics on the deportation process.  For help from a seasoned immigration lawyer serving Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, contact us by calling 1-888-407-7014.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where is your relative being detained by Immigration?

Few know that ICE has an online locator tool that you can use to find your friend or relative.  To use it, you’ll need either:

  • an alien number and
  • country of birth


  • name,
  • country of birth, and
  • date of birth

The Online Detainee Locator System is found here.

Immigration/ICE Detention Centers in Texas

El Paso, Texas – El Paso Processing Center

Houston, Texas – Houston Contract Detention Facility

Conroe, Texas – Joe Corley Detention Facility

Cleburne, Texas – Johnson County Detention Center

Laredo, Texas – Laredo Contract Detention Facility

Livingston, Texas – Polk County Adult Detention Center

Los Fresnos, Texas – Port Isabel Service Processing Center

Haskell, Texas – Rolling Plains Correctional Facility

Pearsall, Texas – South Texas Detention Facility

Raymondville, Texas – Willacy Detention Center

What can I do to get my relative out of immigration detention?

First, contact an experienced deportation attorney.  If your friend or relative is detained in Dallas, or anywhere else in Texas, The Vinesh Patel Law Firm is happy to help.  A good attorney will help to locate your relative, and importantly, advise him of his rights.  Early on, ICE will try to convince your relative to make incriminating statements.  Much like in criminal proceedings, confessions can and will be used against you.

Second, contact your relative or friend and gather as much information as possible.  Ask about, and record, the circumstances of his arrest.  Where and when was he arrested?  Why was he arrested?  It often takes several weeks for a hearing or interview to be scheduled.  But if a court hearing has already been scheduled, find out when and where.  In addition, ask your relative is he has been given an immigration bond.  If he has, deportation attorneys at the The Vinesh Patel Law Firm will be happy to explain the process for posting bond and getting this person released.  If you cannot afford to post bond, don’t despair.  There are several ways in which it may be possible to reduce the person’s bond amount.

Third, if you can visit the detainee, try to get a copy of his Notice to Appear.  This is the piece of paper that ICE uses to charge a detainee with removability from the United States.  It is similar to a complaint or indictment used in criminal proceedings.  Having a copy of this document will be helpful to an attorney in preparing the best defense possible for your relative.

Finally, share with your attorney as much information as possible.  Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Where is your friend or relative being detained?
  • How long has he lived in the United States?
  • Has he been told if he is eligible for bond?
  • What was his immigration status before he was detained? (Green card holder? Non-immigrant visa holder? Lawful permanent resident? Illegal entrant?)
  • Has he been convicted of any crimes?  (Bring any paperwork.)

Will My Friend Or Relative Be Deported?

The answer will depend on a number of things, like how, when, and why he entered the United States; his criminal history; circumstances in his home country, etc.  Immigration law is complicated and difficult to navigate on your own.  Your friend or relative will probably need an immigration attorney to assess his situation, marshal the evidence, and provide him the best possible removal defense.  Call 855-278-2943 for a free initial consultation.


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