Immigration Appeals

Attorney Vinesh Patel’s practice concentrates on immigration appeals, one of the more challenging areas of the law.  Immigration appeals are complex, time-consuming, and require a nuanced understanding of the immigration statutes and case law.  To win an immigration appeal — either before the Board of Immigration Appeals, or any circuit court of appeal — you need clear, persuasive writing, and comprehensive legal research.  Attorney Vinesh Patel prides himself on his ability to carefully scrutinize decisions by immigration agencies, and to challenge them effectively with persuasive written and oral advocacy.  His track-record is superb, as demonstrated by the testimonials by former clients.

Attorney Vinesh Patel’s Immigration Appeals practice is national in scope.  That’s right.  No matter where you live in the United States, The Vinesh Patel Law Firm will aggressively fight your immigration appeal before the appropriate administrative body.  The hallmark of his appeals practice is strong and consistent communication with clients.

On this page you will find numerous resources to guide you through the appeals process.  If you need assistance with your immigration appeals, don’t hesitate to contact us.