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Vinesh Patel is an immigration lawyer based in Dallas, Texas, focused 100% on representing non-citizens in challenging deportation and family immigration cases.  Whether the case involves complicated immigration or criminal histories, or is straightforward, Mr. Patel and his attorneys are committed to providing cutting-edge, cost-effective representation.

Mr. Patel is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.  He graduated with distinction from Stanford University, and cum laude from The University of Michigan Law School. Read more about Vinesh Patel, an experienced immigration attorney in Dallas, Texas.

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A Respected Dallas Immigration Lawyer

The Vinesh Patel Law Firm’s aggressively represents non-citizens in Dallas-Forth Worth and all across Texas in complex matters relating to deportation, green cards, and citizenship.  Immigration Attorney Vinesh Patel has consulted with and represented literally thousands of immigrants in proceedings before USCIS, the Dallas Immigration Court, and various other immigration courts nationwide.




Vinesh puts his heart in his work, investigating the best legal way to help, really working to help us. I am really impressed with his skills, his communication with his client was excellent and the impression that he leaves is that he is a very trustworthy lawyer and really good person with a great capacity of service. -B.B., Eagle Pass, Texas

Working with Mr. Patel was an absolutely positive experience. The results and the outcome were positive. He was very honest and forthright during the entire process. He develops not only good rapport with his clients, but most importantly - he establishes trust. I trusted Mr. Patel to do his very best for my brother and he did. My entire family is indebted to him and greatly appreciate what he has done for my brother. I feel very fortunate to have acquired Mr. Patel's services in representing my brother and ensuring a positive outcome.-D.L., El Paso, Texas

My son in law was caught by immigration in Pearsall, Texas. I call an ICE officer there that recommended me to Mr. Patel, he said he was a good immigration attorney. Mr. Patel was perfect! He gave his cell number which most lawyers would not do because it is their private number. He told me I could call 24 hours a day, that he would always answer and if not to leave a message, his secretary always called me back. He was available after hours. Mr. Patel did the job and my son-in-law got out. If I ever need him I would ask him to be my lawyer again.-Wanda P.

Se mira joven y cualquiera puede pensar que no tiene experiencia, pero otros abogados se miran mayor y no le importan sus casos, el si le importan sus casos, nosotros siempre lo vamos a recomendar y siempre vamos a estar agradecidos. El es buen abogado, le hablado a la persona que conocemos sobre el, y no pueden creer que ayudo a mi esposo, para mi es un excelente abogado. Ellos dicen que siempre van a tener su numero por si necesiten sus ayuda. Mi esposo estaba detenido por inmigración. Para nosotros el es bueno abogados se interesa en su casos. El pudo sacar a mi esposo de la cárcel y le quito el cargo que tenia, y ahorra podemos estar juntos. se preocupo de trabajar duro, me aviso que yo podía ayudar recolectando documentos, siempre estaba hay con nosotros para ayudar y para que mi esposo tuviera buenos resultados.-Serafina E.

Immigration got my dad. Mr. Patel was able to get my dad out without any problem. People said that it was rare for that to occur and that the attorney was really good. He did such a great job and tried really hard for my dad and that is amazing. We had called other lawyers and they would not take the case. Then we met the attorney and he said he had the strong need to help out the family. He knows what he was doing, he wanted information to have just in case. My mom and uncle said that if there ever needed anything he was always available if my mom needed answers he was there.-Nancy G.

Mr. Patel changed my life completely, he reunited me with my family. He is great to work with. He is serious about his work. The way he talks to the judge is just difference from others. I had all my trust in him, he told me straight up the outcomes that is why I trusted him. When it came to aggressiveness in the courtroom it was different, he is passionate with his work. He really tried to help me a lot and he did, he didn't tell me lies like others lawyers do, he told me the truth the entire time.-Gustavo M.

Mi hermano fue detenido por un problema que tuvo de drogas adonde vivimos. Nos ayudo, otros dirían no puedo ayudarte pero el si agarro el caso y todo fue hecho bien profesional. Hagaramos excelentes resultados! Nos ayudo mucho, mi hermano no fue deportado y se pudo quedar aquí en el país con la familia. Siempre hubo contacto conmigo y mucha comunicación. El abogado siempre estuvo hay para apoyarnos. El abogado tiene buenas experiencia. Lo recomendarías a otras persona, me encanto su trabajo.-Gabriela S.

I needed an attorney fast, that was willing to take the case on the spot. It was for a release of a detainee under bail. Mr. Patel was able to have the individual release on the bond. He worked on the case and did everything according to what he had promised. We were very satisfied with his work. He responded to questions on first calls, gave me sufficient information, was very comprehensive on the first call. He elaborated on the difficulties that we might encounter down the road. He was informative, on the first call he knew the type of case it was and how to go about it. -Celso G.

Our Services

  • Deportation and Removal Defense
    For persons facing deportation from the United States. This includes everyone from long-time green card holders with criminal convictions, to refugees who have recently entered the United States.
  • Immigration Consequences of Crimes
    Our Firm routinely consults with experienced criminal lawyers on the immigration consequences of crimes.
  • Immigration Bonds and Release from ICE Custody
    For non-citizens detained in ICE custody at any one of 20 facilities across Texas. Our Firm fights aggressively for affordable immigration bonds or release on orders of supervision.
  • Defensive Asylum
    For persons seeking refuge from persecution. We have handled asylum cases for persons fleeing persecution across the glob, including El Salvadorans, Hondurans, Cameroonians, Iranians,and Afghanistanis.
  • Appeals of Deportation Cases and Motions to Reopen
    For those who have lost a removal case before an immigration judge. Our Firm prides itself on its high-quality research and briefs, leading to a high success rate with the Board of Immigration Appeals.
  • Complex Family Immigration and Naturalization
    For those seeking a green or citizenship for themselves or family members. Our Firm focuses on cases involving complex immigration and criminal histories, where waivers may be required.

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