All the lawyers that I contacted to help me in this specific case, including some lawyers that advertise in this area saying that they can win any kind of immigration case told me the same thing “For sure he will be deported.” They asked me several questions and after I responded they did not give any hope in this case, and about the service cost… it was almost impossible for a person with limited economic resources.

After a search on the internet and a search in the State law bar of attorneys in Texas I decided to call Vinesh Patel. He listened with a patience and I answer several questions and they told me we are going to review this case and we call you, after that I receive a call giving me the hope that I was looking for,and honestly I feel that I receive much more than he charge for his professional service.

This case was solved in a short time, my nephew was out the hail, he get his innocence in the criminal charges and he is now with his family working legally in USA.

Vinesh puts his heart in his work, investigating the best legal way to help, really working to help us.  I am really impressed with his skills, his communication with his client was excellent and the impression that he leaves is that he is a very trustworthy lawyer and really good person with a great capacity of service.

-B.B., Eagle Pass, Texas

My brother’s case was a bit complicated, but Mr. Patel was not only able to research and find out for us how the Immigration Laws applied in this specific case, but he also contacted all the necessary agencies and people to get the job done and quickly.  Mr. Patel executed his services with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency.  And he took the time to explain all the options and made sure we understood clearly what those options were.  He went on to recommend what the best course of action would be.  I appreciated the fact that Mr. Patel took the time to make sure we understood the process.

Working with Mr. Patel was an absolutely positive experience.  The results and the outcome were positive.  He was very honest and forthright during the entire process.  He develops not only good rapport with his clients, but most importantly – he establishes trust.  I trusted Mr. Patel to do his very best for my brother and he did.  My entire family is indebted to him and greatly appreciate what he has done for my brother.  I feel very fortunate to have acquired Mr. Patel’s services in representing my brother and ensuring a positive outcome.

His skills as an attorney are exceptionally first rate.  I would highly recommend him to friends and family.  An important aspect in working with Mr. Patel is the fact that he is so trustworthy.  I trusted that he would get the job done and he did.  He demonstrated great persistence by ensuring the paperwork was  processed quickly and the right agencies were contacted to coordinate my brother’s release.  Mr. Patel is a highly efficient, knowledgeable, and professional attorney.

-D.L., El Paso, Texas