Rolling Plains Detention Center

The Rolling Plains Detention Center is a jail located in Haskell, Texas that houses persons detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  You may have reached this page because you have a non-citizen friend or relative that is facing the prospect of removal, and he has been transferred to this facility.

Rolling Plains Detention Center from Afar

The Rolling Plains Detention Center in Haskell, Texas houses hundreds of immigration detainees.

You probably have many questions about the Rolling Plains Detention Center, and many answers can be found on this page.  If you are looking for an experienced immigration attorney who can fight to stop your relative’s deportation, please read more about The Vinesh Patel Law Firm.

Where is the Rolling Plains Detention Center?

The facility is located at:

118 County Road 206 Haskell, TX 79521

How can I contact my relative?

  1. Call (940) 864-5694.
  2. Tell them you’re a family member of a detainee, and that you’d like to pass on a message to him.
  3. At this point, a facility employee will ask for his full name and his Alien Number (“A-Number), which is a 8- or 9-digit number.  Give the information to the employee.
  4. Leave your name and phone number, and ask that the detainee call you back.

Keep in mind that your detainees at Rolling Plains are not allowed to make free phone calls.  You will have to either send him or her money — a money order in the person’s name is a safe bet — or you can add money to his phone account online.  To add money online, go to this page for more information.

Hours of Visitation at Rolling Plains

Males, Last Name beginning with A-M
Saturdays: 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Males, Last Name beginning with N-Z
Sundays: 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Saturdays: 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Barbed wire fence outside Rolling Plains Detention Center in Haskell, Texas

Bonding Out Of Rolling Plains Detention Center

Naturally, you are wondering if you can get your relative an immigration bond, so he can be released from the Rolling Plains Detention Center.  The first step is to find out if he has already been given a bond by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  If he was, it will says so on a piece of paper called the Notice of Custody Determination.  That document will state if he has a bond and the amount.

What If My Relative Doesn’t Know If He Has An Immigration Bond?

It is not uncommon for a person to be unable to find the piece of paper that tells him his custody status.  Sometimes ICE will fail to serve it on him.  Sometimes it is misplaced.  And sometimes the person cannot read it because it is only in English.

In any case, you should try to contact an experienced deportation attorney in Dallas, Texas to help find out his custody status.  You can try calling ICE yourself, but the deportation officers are less likely to communicate with non-attorneys.

Your relative could also wait until his next court date to find out his custody status, but by then he could have already received an immigration bond with the help of an immigration lawyer in Dallas.

How To Get An Immigration Bond If You Don’t Already Have One

Often, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will tell a detainee that he will not be released on an immigration bond.  Even then, you can sometimes apply for a bond through the Dallas Immigration Court.

A good immigration attorney will submit to the court a bond application that includes plenty of evidence on why your relative is not a flight risk or a danger to society.  The application will demonstrate the person’s ties to family and community, the absence of a serious criminal history, steady employment, etc.

Be careful about applying for an immigration bond without the help of an attorney.  Bond decisions are difficult to appeal.  And often you won’t get a second chance.  An immigration judge has the power to increase the bond amount, and even to deny bond entirely.

Sadly for Dallas immigrants, the Rolling Plains Detention Center is located 3.5 hours west of Dallas in a remote, rural area.

Sadly for Dallas immigrants, the Rolling Plains Detention Center is located 3.5 hours west of Dallas in a remote, rural area.

How to Lower The Bond Amount for Haskell Detainee

Let’s suppose that your relative is given an immigration bond by ICE, but it is too expensive.  At this point you can either wait to gather the funds needs to post the bond, or you can hire a deportation lawyer to request a bond from the Dallas Immigration Court.

The Vinesh Patel Law Firm recommends posting bond as soon as possible, simply because it is easier to defend a deportation case when the person is out of jail.  When a person is in jail, his case moves along much faster, making it difficult to gather evidence and to brief legal arguments.  Also, when person in Rolling Plains Detention Center — located 3 hours from Dallas, Texas — it is harder to communicate with the detainee on important issues.  Thus, our Firm encourages clients to post bond when its affordable, and to seek a lower bond when it is not.

Rolling Plains Inmates Can’t Always Get Bond

Unfortunately, some immigration detainees at Haskell are subject to mandatory detention — meaning that they cannot get an immigration bond under any circumstance.  This is the case for detainees who have committed certain types of crimes — some of which are not serious at all.

Getting Legal Help

If your relative is in immigration detention at the Rolling Plains Detention Center, it is essential that you find an immigration lawyer who is experienced in removal and deportation defense.  He can help your relative get released on immigration bond, and give him the best possible chance of avoiding deportation.  Without quick intervention by immigration attorney, your relative may hurt his own chances of winning his case and staying in the country.

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