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Lew Sterrett Justice Center, or the Dallas County Jail, is Dallas County’s detention facility for persons who were recently arrested and awaiting trial.  It is also happens to house hundreds of immigrants with pending criminal charges or who are being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  ICE often asks the Dallas County Sheriff to house immigrants pursuant to what is called an ICE hold, or ICE detainer.  Under an ICE hold, the federal government asks the Dallas County Sheriff to hold the immigrant for up to 48 hours after the person is released from the County’s custody. Also, ICE asks the Dallas County Sheriff to hold immigrants who are already in ICE custody, and are awaiting transfer to an ICE detention facility.

Defense of Immigrants at the Dallas County Jail

The Vinesh Patel Law Firm is committed to the defense of immigrants at the Lew Sterrett Jail.  First, our Firm provides top-notch criminal defense to immigrants with pending criminal charges.  Whether the person has been arrested for driving while intoxicated, assault, drug possession, or any other felony or misdemeanor — our Firm strives to give them the best defense possible.  Our Firm is uniquely suited to the criminal defense of immigrants.  Our lawyers are trained in immigration and criminal law — which allows us to fight criminal charges in a way that maximizes the person’s chance of staying in the United States.  Second — once a person leaves the Dallas County Jail — our Firm will help the immigrants to deal with the potential immigration consequences of their convictions.

By fighting criminal and immigration charges, our Firm is able to provide the best defense of immigrants who are arrested for breaking the law.

Why Immigrant-Defendants At Dallas County Jail Need Special Care and Attention

Immigrants held at Lew Sterrett who are facing criminal charges need lawyers who know criminal and immigration law.

Why?  Because criminal charges can carry consequences for non-citizens, namely, deportation.  A simple drug offense — like possession of a small amount of marijuana — can be a ground for deportation.  Many criminal attorneys don’t know this, and presume that misdemeanors are not serious enough to warrant removal.

Dallas deportation attorneys at The Vinesh Patel Law Firm know better.  They understand that even misdemeanors can have serious immigration consequences — consequences often more serious than any prison sentence.

If you have an family member or friend at Lew Sterrett Jail who may need help from a criminal-immigration attorney, call us now at 855-278-2943.  Our Firm is committed to the defense of non-citizens, in criminal and immigration court, and before any state or federal agency.


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